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Children's Advocacy Center

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Giving Children Voices. Helping Families Heal.

Children’s Advocacy Services of Greater St. Louis is a University-based, multidisciplinary center that provides high quality trauma-focused services to youth, families, and the community. We promote resiliency, physical safety, and emotional stability through comprehensive research, forensic, clinical, educational, and advocacy programming.

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We serve children impacted by all types of traumatic events including childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect.  We also serve witnesses of domestic abuse and violent crime and children who have suffered accidents, natural disasters and traumatic bereavement.  We also have therapies for children with sexual behavior issues and who are difficult to manage at home and school.

We accomplish our mission by providing child sensitive forensic interviews and individual, family and group counseling.

"I cannot adequately put into words how grateful I am to you for all of your help... thank you for changing our lives" - a CASGSL parent

We avidly follow the Child First Doctrine:

The child is our first priority.
Not the need of the family.
Not the child’s “story.”
Not the evidence.
Not the needs of the courts.
Not the needs of police, child protection, attorney’s etc.

The child is our first priority.

For information please call (314) 516-6798.

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