Vision Statement

UMSL’s Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) program prepares students across multiple disciplines to be trauma-informed professionals who respond appropriately to experiences of traumatic stress and maltreatment in children and adolescents.

Mission Statement

In line with national standards provided by the National Child Protection Training Center (NCPTC), UM-St. Louis’ CAST program equips students through quality coursework including exposure to research and evidence-based responses to child abuse and neglect, as well as experiential learning opportunities, leading to better professional preparation and collaboration skills across multidisciplinary child-serving sectors. 

About CAST

In 2010, CASGSL committed to enlarging its instructional footprint in order to better align itself with the University’s core teaching mission.  In 2014, UM-St. Louis approved an interdisciplinary 18-hour undergraduate certificate and 15-hour minor in Child Advocacy Studies (CAST). These programs include five CAST courses designed and taught by current CASGSL staff and faculty, elective options from six different departments and an internship.  All CAST courses were developed to stay in line with national standards being developed by the NCPTC.  UM-St. Louis is one of the first universities to incorporate these standards into its curriculum. As a university, UM-St. Louis is rare in that it has a fully functioning Child Advocacy Center as part of its campus, giving students access to professors highly connected to current presenting issues in the field. 

In an academic year, CAST enrolls approximately 200 students from a range of disciplines (e.g., psychology, social work, criminal justice, sociology, education, nursing, public policy, biology, business, liberal studies, communication).   Would you consider joining us and helping us accomplish our vision?  Please contact Dorothy Haskell at or 314.516.7337 with any questions or if you would like additional information.

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